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General informaiton

DemirBank is one of the leading banks of the country.

  • Bank History

DemirBank having a wide experience is one of leading banks of the country. The bank has been created as one of the first commercial bank in the country on October 6, 1989. Known as Azerdemiryolbank it successfully functioned and has reached great achievements. Since,16th October 2009, the Bank continues the activity as DemirBank.

  • Service infrastructure

DemirBank has one of the widest branch networks in the capital and regions.

  • International payment systems and correspondent relations

DemirBank is the member of international payment systems MasterCard International and VISA International, as well as interbank payment system S.W.I.F.T. DemirBank has established broad correspondent relations with leading local and foreign banks from Europe, USA and CIS.

  • Participation in Baku Stock Exchange and MilliKart capitals

DemirBank is the founder of ADB Broker company which is one of the shareholders of Baku Stock Exchange where it provides broker and dealer services. DemirBank is also one of the main shareholders of progressive center MilliKart.

  • Socially oriented activity

One of the priorities for the Bank is to strengthen its social activity. Pursuant to this policy, the bank expands its participation in social programs, increases public micro crediting, finances social projects, increases social packages for employees and realizes other measures every year.

  • Awards and Nominations

For stable operation and confidence of international financial institutions, as well as for achievements in social-economic development of the regions, Demirbank secured 2 UGUR nominations (was awarded with UGUR Prize in 2 nominations). 

MicroFinance Transparency organization has awarded DemirBank with pricing transparency seal for maintaining transparency and professionalism in pricing activities in 2014. As well as, bank was awarded Ugur prize for  the "retail banking Transparent" in 2014.

Award "Uğur-2009" in the nomination "Successful Rebranding" - 2009

The national award "Friend of Ecology" Coalition "EKO-2010" - 2010

Honorary Diploma "Effective working with youth activities" in the National Awards "Friend of Youth"

The award for "Contribution to Socio-Economic Development of Regions" for active and closely involved in the socio-economic development of regions

International prize in the nomination of “The activist bank in PR sphere”, within the contest of “Best bank of GUAM countries - 2010”

In June 2011, an honorary diploma "The best design category of schedule" at the II Baku Advertising Festival - Crystal Butterfly.

International prize in the nomination of "Creation and introduction of new products”, within the contest of “Best bank of GUAM countries - 2012”

National Award "Uğur - 2014" in the nomination "The transparency of the services of retail banking."

"Printing pricing transparency-2014" - for providing transparency and maintaining the professional principles in pricing by the  international organization MicroFinance Transparency