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International cooperation

Being one of the leading banks of Azerbaijan, DemirBank places high emphasis on international cooperation. DemirBank established international relations in the following directions:

  •     Participation of international financial institutions in the capital of DemirBank;
  •     Attraction of international lines on crediting and trade financing programs;
  •     Establishment of correspondent relations with foreign banks;
  •     Cooperation within international payment systems, interbank settlements and money transfers.

The presence of international shareholders underlined the reliability of DemirBank and opened new perspectives for its future development.

DemirBank actively cooperates with international financial institutions on crediting and trade financing programs.

The following financial institutions are among the main partners of the bank:

  •     European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
  •     International Finance Corporation
  •     Asian Development Bank
  •     Netherlands Development Finance Company (FMO)
  •     Black Sea Trade and Development Bank
  •     German-Azerbaijan Fund
  •     German Investment Company DEG
  •     International Development Fund OFID
  •     Islamic Corporation on Private Sector Development
  •     USAID
  •     Trade and Finance Fund Rosemount Global (USA)
  •     BANIF (Portugal)
  •     Investment Fund SIFEM AG (Switzerland)
  •     ING BANK (Netherlands)
  •     American Chambers (AmCham)
  •     ResponsAbility SICAV (Luxemburg)
  •     Azerbaijan Turkey Business Association (ATIB), etc.

DemirBank continually expands its cooperation with international financial institutions for the attraction on credit lines that enables the bank to satisfy the client needs for credit and trade finance.