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USD 1.695 1.705
EUR 1.987 2.017
GBP 2.2625 2.2955
RUR 0.0286 0.029
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USD 1.695 1.705
EUR 1.99 2.019
GBP 2.2655 2.2975
RUR 0.0286 0.0291
CHF 1.7022 1.728
CAD 1.3165 1.3364
TRY 0.4335 0.45
JPY 1.4981 1.5208
AED 0.4583 0.4652
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How can be made online payments for goods and services on the Internet? Which cards is useful for online payments?

It is possible to pay for goods and services on the Internet via all cards (except, by Gold card is not possible to carry out payment to online gambling sites).

What should I do if the card has been lost?

A plastic card can be blocked by calling at (012) 149 5981002 or 4447266 and provide information on the personal data.

In which currency conversion operations are carried out with plastic cards?

If the plastic card-backed currency transactions are carried out in a different currency, the rate of conversion operation is determined by the exchange rate of the Central Bank + exchange rate of the Bank (conversion fee).

How can I deposit the money to the card account?

 It is possible to deposit money in cash or non-cash form and also "card to card" operation.

When does validity period of the card end?

The validity period of the card is expressed in months and years and indicated on the front of the card. Hence, the card is valid until the last day of that month. Example: 05/17 means the period of card is valid till 31.05.2017

Is my deposit insured?

DemirBank is a member of the Deposit Insurance Fund. According to the law on the Deposit Insurance, it provides to insure DemirBank deposits by the Fond.

Could non-resident inhabitant place deposits in DemirBank?

A foreign citizen by providing a passport, can deposit in any branches of DemirBank.

How can I implement faster money transfer from your bank?

In carrying out money transfers must provide an identity card, and then select the appropriate system of remittances and fill  a special form (the amount transferred, sender's full name, phone number and address, the recipient's full name, city and country of residence). Enter the cash transferred money and commission fee.Reciever should be informed about the system of money transfers and the specific code provided by the Bank.


Is it chargeable to open a current account for individuals?

It is free of charge. The identification card is required

Because of my working hours I cannot pay during bank's working hours. How can I pay after work or without coming to the bank?

Loans can be paid through the terminals "DemirPay" or "Milli ön", which works continuously 24 hours a day and also it is possible to pay without approaching the bank by online credit payment.




What can I get if I return loans earlier?

If you return loans earlier, you should only pay outstanding amount of principle and accrued interest rate up to the proper date.